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Transformational Leadership and HIV/AIDS


Name of Project: Transformational Leadership and HIV/AIDS

Funding: UNAIDS

Partner:  UNAIDS

Duration:  1 week (12 to 16 September 2011)

Total No. of Participants:  24 (young female school prefects, female youth)

The project above was based on the outcome of the training that was attended by the MFF President held in Fiji in 2008. The process on having the project implemented in Tonga began last year when UNAIDS personnel visited MFF to look for an opportunity to build partnership in the implementation of the program for Tonga. The process started and fortunate enough for Tonga the program was implemented from the 13 – 16 September 2011 with school prefects from Colleges and High Schools in Tonga. There were 12 High schools and 2 Technical Schools that were invited and 10 schools were able to send representatives to participate in the workshop.

The program was a series of three training and MFF and UNAIDS representative were planning for the next round to be held in May next year during the school holidays.

Apart from the school prefects some of the youths from around were invited including the eight young women for the Generation Next Program.

What is Transformational Leadership

This project focuses on the being first before effort is made to transform the next person.   It is about using the knowledge gained, the skills and attitude that they acquire and the ongoing interactions with others undertaking the program, to transform them into “the change we want the world to be”.  TDLP promotes values such as humility, learning, listening and working in partnerships with others.


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