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Tonga’s first women-led community radio station 98fm: Letio le’o ‘o e kakai was initiated in 2011.

The radio is dedicated to promoting the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (women, peace, security), Peace building and Dialogue.  It is a community media project using ‘suitcase radio’ technology in partnership with FemLINKPACIFIC and supported by the Canada Fund, AusAID Canberra and The British High Commission Aid Fund.

A not-for-profit platform for women and community groups to discuss issues of local and national interest, the radio gives a voice to women and youths to air their issues of interest in a non-threatening environment; to share ideas and knowledge that empower action to improve lives.   An opportunity for women develop leadership confidence and the initiative required for ongoing positive change, improve knowledge and be active in discussions, questions and development, e.g. gender policies, domestic violence, CEDAW, improve governance through greater female participation.

Let your voice be heard on issues that people are facing, such as hardship; gender discrimination; abuse of human rights; injustice; anti-corruption; poor governance; undemocratic systems; lack of service delivery; to name a few.  Share your community news and information on 98fm or to find out more, email:

Broadcast hours: 10am to 3pm, Mondays and Wednesdays.



What are we talking about at this time?

16 Days of Activism – Against Gender-Based Violence

Tonga 2013 – Violence is not my Culture, Good Leadership Is

  • Monday, 25 November – WHITE RIBBON DAY – UN Int’l Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, Transformational Leadership Training
  • Sunday, 1 December – UN World AIDS Day, Candle Light Vigil
  • Tuesday, 3 December – UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • Thursday, 5 December – UN International Volunteer Day, Leadership in Action – Alleviating Poverty
  • Tuesday, 10 December – UN International Human Rights Day

Meet Generation Next 2013: the Broadcasters

A team of young women who serve as volunteer community radio producers and broadcasters:

Image  ‘Atela Semi

Image  Tupoutu’a Kupu

Image  Fusi Kauvaka

Image  Melaia Manu

Image  Nancy Fauolo



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