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Current Projects



Project 1.             

Project Name:  National Study on Domestic Violence for Tonga

Funding Body:  AusAID

Partner:  The University of the South Pacific (USP)

Duration:  2008 – 2012

Project 2

Project Name:  Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance Workshop

Funding Body:  Canada Fund

Partner:  Nil

Duration:  3 Months (March – May 2011)

Total No. Of Participants:  117 (men, women and youth)

Project 3

Project Name:  Awareness Program on Domestic Violence Workshop /Follow up activity

Funding Body:  Canada Fund

Partner: ‘Esia, ‘Eua

Duration:   4 Months

Total No. of Participants: 25 (men, women, youth and students)

Project 4.

Project Name:  UNSCR 1325: Women, Peace and Security

Funding Body:  AusAID Canberra


Duration:  2007 to date

Project 5

Name of Project: Transformational Leadership and HIV and AIDS

Funding: UNAIDS

Partner:  UNAIDS

Duration:  1 week (12 to 16 September 2011)

Total No. of Participants:  24 (young female school prefects, female youth)

Project 6

Name of Project:  Creating an Enabling Environment – HIV and AIDS and Child Abuse

Funding:  HIV and AIDS Country Development Officer (CDO) Tonga

Partner:  Tonga Family Health Association

Duration:  1 month, June 2011 and March and April 2012

No of Participants:  107 (women, men and youth)

Project 7

Name of Project:  Building Capacity on Peace and Development (CPAD)

Funding:  UNDP Pacific

Partner:  Ministry of Police

Duration:  1 month (November 2010)

No of Participants:  100

Project 8

Name of Project:  Global Partnership on Peace and Arms Conflict (GPPAC)

Funding:  Nil

Partner:  Human Rights and Pro-Democracy Movement of the Friendly

Duration:  2009 to date

No of Participants: NA

Project 9

Name of Project:  Global Media Monitoring Program (GMMP)

Funding:  GMMP


Duration:  2010 to date


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