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*** The next IELTS test will be offered on the 11th May 2013. IELTS preparation courses will begin on the 11th March 2013. This will be a 4 week course, Mondays to Tuesdays at 5 to 7 in the evening. ***

Welcome to the Ma’a Fafine moe Famili’s IELTS program.  We have been providing IELTS tutoring and examinations in Tonga for the past three years and we will continue to provide you with the best English IELTS preparation courses in the Kingdom.


  1. Registration
    Everyone must register with IELTS Tonga.
    The registration fee is TOP$50.00

  2. IELTS English Preparation Course
    The English Course is provided for students who wish to improve their English skills.  The skills that are tested in IELTS are listening, speaking, reading and writing.  This course will be offered for 8 weeks starting on the 11th of March 2013 and the minimum hours per week are 4.  Your IELTS tutor will help you with the hours.  All classes are held on Monday and/or Tuesday from 5-7pm.  The course fee/tuition is TOP$300.00

  3. IELTS Examination
    The examination date will be on the 11th May.  You must pay your examination fees on the 1st of April before the exam, and the final date for examination fees is on Friday 5th April.  Please take note, we do not accept refund of school fees.

    The requirements for the examination are listed below:
    – Course Fee – NZ$502
    – 2 Passport photos
    – Your Passport (You cannot replace your passport with your national ID       or any other identification)
    – A certified copy of your passport
    – A certified copy of your birth certificate
    – A completed application form which we will provide for you.


Thank you very much.




  1. Ese says:

    Hi Betty,

    I would like to register for a test as soon as possible. I am residing in Vava’u and holding a pending scholarship awaiting for this test result. Looking forward to hear the details.


  2. Sela says:


    I also would like to register for an IELTS test, so sad that I’m a bit late, are there any IELTS tests this year 2013 again? Hope to hear from you soon.


    • mffweb says:

      Hi Sela,

      Thank you for your interest in IELTS, the next test for this year will be in November. Please come to our office or call us on 25991 for more details.


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