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TSSP – Description of Services


Scope of Social Services to the Elderly

The pilot activity began in July 2012 and seeks to provide social service activities to the elderly ont eh island of Ha’apia and rural outer areas of Tongatapu.  The services outlined below will be provided to all elderly clients on an as needed basis.  The criteria to receive social services are:

1. 60 years or older

2. Official diagnosis and referral from approved medical doctor

3. Approval from Social Service Selection Committee

Case-management Services

Family members accessing social services will be connected to a Case Manager (CM) that will work directly with families.  The CM will work together with client and families as an advocate and adviser to connect them with local services available from government, NGOs and CSOs. The CM will make monthly on-site visits and will report on the status and quality of services received and make recommendations on how to improve the quality of these services.

Social Care Home Visits

Home care workers will work directly with vulnerable elderly clients that meet the social service criteria.  Depending on the the individual need, a home care service plan will be drafted in consultation with the clients’ family or caregiver.  Clients will be visited by home care workers on a weekly basis.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Elderly individuals that meet social service criteria will be eligible for targeted visits by the Ministry of Health for disease prevention. If the client falls ill, the Ministry will dispatch the local clinic nurse to conduct a home visit, assess medical needs, and provide medical interventions and recommendations including medical delivery to the home. Annual physical checkups will be available for all elderly clients.


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